All you need to know know about 3D Point Cloud

All you need to know about Point Cloud

A point cloud is a collection of points representing a digital 3D space in a 3D coordinate system. A 3D Point Cloud essentially presents an accurate digital record of a physical object. The point clouds can produce efficient 3D meshes and other 3D modelling for important application in engineering, 3D gaming, architecture, medical imaging, virtual reality (VR), and more.

Depending on the sensors used, and the method employed in collecting the clouds, each data point may include RGB colour data, or intensity information. The data shows the strength of the returning laser pulse that created the point. The 3D point clouds occur on the external surfaces of the object, with radiant light rays from the scanner to the object producing the spots. A more precise object representation implies that the points are denser in the point clouds.

3D Point cloud.

3D Laser Scanners to generate a Point Cloud

A laser scanner is a survey-grade system comprising different sensors and technologies. Our measured surveyors in Brighton rely on a lidar sensor that uses rapid laser pulses to capture thousands of accurate measurements per second. A lot of laser scanners include an RGB camera to add colour to the point cloud. Various types of laser scanners exist, with each designed for a specified range of applications. For instance, you would need a terrestrial laser scanner to produce point clouds with exceptionally high accuracy for a specialised application, like analysing floor flatness, measuring beam deflection, or capturing a single object like a car with absolute high accuracy.

Similarly, a mobile laser scanner with up to 4mm accuracy can enable you capture point clouds as you walk. Because of their speed, these scanners are ideal for the documentation of most building projects since they reduce the overall cost per square unit. The high speed is also ideal for mapping active sites such as factories, which only allows a small window of time for capturing workflow.

Our accurate applications of Point Cloud:

These data sets provide precise, accurate, and comprehensive digital picture of a real-world object, space, or surface. Below are some of the most important applications of point clouds in the build world:

  • Plans
    Point cloud provides the quickest way to generate floor plans for a structure. Using point clouds is both faster and more accurate than using survey tools such as total stations, or manual tools like laser distos.
  • Models
    A building information model (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. Rely on our professional point clouds to make a building information model (BIM) of your assets. Using accurate point cloud data, you can compare the “as-is” conditions of a building against “as-designed” to determine errors, conflicts, or clashes, if any.
  • Construction Progress Tracking
    Regular capturing of point clouds as building progresses provides crucial data to keep track of what work is completed, when it is completed, and where.
  • Digital Twins
    You can depend on a point cloud to create an operational 3D model of the asset (digital twin). The model has a symbiotic relationship with the asset enabled by various internet of things (IoT) sensors. In an ideal digital twin, any changes made to the physical asset are automatically carried over to the digital twin, and vice versa.
    The symbiotic relationship implies that the digital twin, like BIM models, can be used to review information about an asset, or perform specialised tasks such as monitoring, analytics, simulation, and control.

Our Point Cloud Survey Service

Rely on our years of expertise and experience in measured building survey and point cloud services for all your construction projects in Brighton. Many industries and professionals depend on our advanced 3D laser scanning technology providing accurate point cloud for project development, planning, archiving and quality control. Receive confidence and eliminate risks of error by using our point cloud data (either in greyscale, or in colour and) in formats such as FLS, E57, RCP, or PTS or accurate 2D CAD drawings and 3D models.

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