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Scan to 3D BIM Models in Brighton

With our building information modelling service (BIM), we can produce exemplary 3D models using Revit software for architects, structural engineers, designers and more. Track and plan the various stages of your building’s lifecycle and stages through this valuable service.

Why Hire Us?

Reliable Software

Our experienced team uses Revit software when producing as-built 3D BIM models. Information related to the model is contained in a database, with the 3D data of the building.

From Concept to Construction

Plan, access and revisit the various stages of your building’s lifecycle. With BIM modelling, you can track your project from concept to construction and later maintenance or demolition.

Cost-effective Solution

Visualising your building in 3D BIM format becomes trouble-free and attainable due to its practical use and affordable cost. Save time and money through this service and eliminate all risk of inaccuracy.

Convenient Communication

3D BIM Models opens doors to easier collaboration, coordination and communication when progressing your building project. With access to one 3D model, move forward with your project efficiently.

The Practical Uses of 3D BIM Models

If you are a client or a professional looking for photorealistic results to examine and exhibit your building project, there is no better service than 3D BIM Modelling in Brighton. Our professionals can provide you with fantastic 3D models as we use reliable and reputable software, and our expertise in 3D laser scanning.

How to Receive Your 3D BIM Model Service?

Our 3D Laser Scanning company surveys the specified site to gather high-quality point cloud information using 3D laser scanning technology. With Autodesk Revit software, we generate a 3D BIM Modelling with LOD3 or LOD4 as requested and allow access to an accurate 3D BIM Model ready to be used within your team.


Receive your as-built 3D BIM Model!

Brighton Measured Survey guarantees complete results with meticulous detail within our 3D BIM Model service. Are you ready to progress? Contact us today.