Large Scale Scanning

Large Scale Surveying

We survey large scale areas using portable laser scanning equipment. Our professional team will complete surveys in a prompt and efficient manner through portable laser scanning of a large area’s interior or exterior. Gather the essential data and document on 2D plans and 3D BIM Models.

Why Hire Us?

Portable Method

We use reliable 3D mobile laser scanning equipment when surveying every corner, angle and direction of your specified large scale area located in Brighton.

High-quality Results

Our large scale scanning service is as reliable as receiving data from our measured surveying scans in a shorter time and scanning specific interior or exterior spaces.

Efficient Process

Mobile laser scanning builds up 3D point cloud while in motion, so the data is captured then and there. Receive a speedy and swift service on a larger site with this reliable and efficient service.

Excellent Product

Brighton Measured Survey delivers a service faster than a measured survey for those who need quick data on-the-go. Complete 3D point cloud in real-time when scanning through a portable 3D laser scanner.

An efficient solution to measured surveying

Our 3D portable laser scanner registers multiple scans and collects scan cloud while moving. Our experts will scan thoroughly to ensure no shadow-zones are created. Every angle, dimension and corner is captured to release your 3D point cloud or produce your deliverables, such as 2D drawings and 3D Models.

The flexibility of a large scale scanning service

Our 3D laser scanner can be mounted on a range of platforms to capture the specified detail required for your project. Unlike a measured surveying 3D laser scanner, a portable laser scanner doesn’t need to be caught in a specific angle or path. Given that you have an expert from Brighton Measured Survey, you are guaranteed a complete data scan.


Brighton Mobile Scanning Service

Contact our experienced team to learn everything you need to know about this service, and if it is the best solution for you site and building project.