Drone Survey

Drone Surveys & Roof Inspection

Brighton Measured Survey completes secure and hazard-free drone surveying services for your roof plans and when accessing limited and restricted site areas. Our drone technology is high-standard and will capture precise detail with photogrammetry software into 3D Point Cloud, Orthomosaic and 3D models.

Why Hire Us?

3D Mapping

Taking a series of aerial pictures for 3D surveys, we create a geo-referenced 3D point cloud, 3d model or Orthmosaic to gather complete information through drone technology.

Access Sites & Roofs

Drone survey services are ideal for roof inspections and roof plans as you save time and money on manual work and tools such as ladders, which are not entirely secure.

Excellent resolution

Our UAV aerial equipment captures smooth videos in 4K resolution and exceptional aerial pictures in a 20mp resolution. Both can be delivered in RAW format or after post-processing.

Non-invasive Techniques

Keep your site and roof secure with this non-invasive service. If your site has limited and restricted access or is too fragile, drone surveying will capture the information entirely.

Roof and Site Plans made simple

Drones will be your required equipment when finalising roof plans and site plans accurately. We use high-standard technology that doesn’t become intruding or invasive, with authorised access, we can scan areas challenging to approach.

Trusted Drone service in Brighton Measured Survey

You can trust our professional team to deliver high-quality, efficient drone site surveys for mapping, inspection, and planning your new building or site project. We hold all of the required certifications and training to carry out your drone survey in Brighton.


Surveying anywhere in Brighton

Roof inspections and Site surveying has never been as accessible with our drone service. Contact Brighton Measured Survey today for an affordable, well-trusted and secure application!