Different types of Underground Survey Services

    • Utility Survey and Utility Mapping
    • CCTV Drainage Surveys
    • GPR Surveys
    • Concrete Scanning
    • Geophysical Survey
    • Site Investigations
    • BIM Underground Services
    • Road (Mobile) Mapping
    • CAD and BIM Modelling

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      About Underground Surveys

      Underground survey identifies and maps any assets occurring below the surface; determining the position and depth of the underground services, structures and any other potential hazards that can obstruct a planned construction project on a particular plot of land. Brighton Measured Survey collects data for use in feasibility, design and construction of projects all across Brighton and UK through efficient underground surveying techniques, utilising non-intrusive tools and equipment.

      You need utility maps in ground breaking as they provide accurate positions of the subsurface utilities that you may encounter. The survey also prevents digging into or damaging underground utilities that can cause harm to your workers as well as the to the public. Our underground surveys will help you reduce project planning time, minimise risk, gain confidence before beginning excavation works, and avoid surprises as our professional team complies with health and safety regulations as well as BSI standards – PAS 128 surveys.

      Underground Survey

      Different types of Underground Survey Services

      Utility Survey and Utility Mapping

      Brighton Measured Survey offers effective subsurface utility mapping, providing reliable solutions for a wide range of clients. We have a specialist team that tailors the survey methodology according to industry specifications, such as PAS 128, delivering cost-effective solutions in line with your budget.

      CCTV Drainage Surveys

      Brighton Measured Survey provides highly accurate CCTV drain surveys as a component of our specialised underground utility mapping services. Our CCTV surveys are designed to determine any detailing defects, blockages, illegal connections and connections between access points, as well as the exact location of the drainage system between entry points and manholes.

      BIM Underground Services

      Brighton Measured Survey delivers underground services data within a BIM environment, efficiently integrating building information, topographical information and underground utilities information in a detailed Revit model.

      Road (Mobile) Mapping

      Our road mapping services utilise drones for accurate surveying and inspection of road projects, oil and gas pipelines, railway lines, transmission lines as well as linear right of way corridors. The survey is crucial for councils, transport agencies and civil engineering companies in creating accurate and precise large area linear maps and surveys of road reserves and existing road corridors.

      GPR Surveys

      Ground penetrating radar surveys are an essential tool for utility mapping. Through non-intrusive scanning, the technique provides an underground imagery of your construction site. Our technicians and surveyors combine GPR technology with total station and GPS devices to conduct accurate subsurface surveys for clients in Brighton and the UK.

      Concrete Scanning

      Our measured survey company uses concrete scanning technology that utilises cutting-edge ferro-scan, GPR scanning and ultrasound equipment to examine your structures, and provide information into the underground elements, dimensions as well as any anomalies. This helps inform the construction process, reduce stress among team members, eliminate downtime in the process and enhance productivity.

      CAD and BIM Modelling

      Our modelling specialists will conduct a comprehensive scan coverage of your site and create a 3D point cloud using the latest software and customised automated extraction methods to retrieve the needed data.

      Site Investigations

      Through site investigation process, our surveyors will collect information, assess data, and report potential hazards beneath a construction site.

      Geophysical Survey

      Our geophysical surveys use ground-based physical sensing methods to produce a detailed image or map of an area. We employ non-invasive methods that are crucial for surveying culturally-sensitive sites. Ground-based geophysical surveys may take any of the following forms (or more):

        • Seismic Surveys

      Our specialist team utilises geophones placed at strategic patterns to display rock properties many kilometres below the ground. The team create vibrations with the help of explosives.

        • Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)

      Our specialist team utilises geophones placed at strategic patterns to display rock properties many kilometres below the ground. The team create vibrations with the help of explosives.

        • Electro-Magnetic Locator

      When detecting any underground power cable (or a specific power cable), our surveyors will use advanced Leica DD series to provide a fast and accurate cable location.

        • Registered Earthworks Supervisor (RES) Scheme

      The RES scheme ensures that site supervisors are competent and adheres to cable/gas pipe damage prevention measures.

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      Rely on our trusted utility mapping services and receive a wide range of deliverables, such as:

      • 3D utility surveys data capture and modelling
      • 2D, 3D and 3D Modelled CAD
      • GIS Model
      • BIM Model
      • MEP BIM Model
      Utility Mapping Underground
      CCTV Drainage Surveys

      What projects need underground surveys?

      Any construction project, renovation works, addition, or modification works depends on underground survey as the initial step. The utility lines, which cause construction obstructions, occur everywhere, even though they are not easily visible. They can be located through utility location services and hence avoided.

      Our latest equipment used

      We utilise the following techniques and equipment for our underground surveys:

      • GPR: 2D and 3D technology. The technology uses towing and pushing systems with a broad range of frequencies.
      • 3D Laser scanners. We use the latest laser scanning technology from leading brands such as Leica and Faro
      • Software for drawings, modelling and processing of the data
      • EML (Electro-Magnetic Locators)
      • Mobile Mapping
      • Total Stations
      • Our own applications.