What are As-built Drawings in Construction and Architecture?

The precision of As-built 2D Drawings

As-built drawings are a set of drawings that represent the final exact construction of a building, including all materials, dimensions, components, locations and other details of elements of a building. As-built drawings are produced by the contractor and subcontractor upon completion of a building project. As-built drawings show the building and its components as laid during construction. The drawings help project managers to review any changes made to the specifications during the construction phase of a project. The As-built drawings displays the geometry, location and measurements of the completed work. Through the as-built drawings, you can track and record changes made to the project in each stage of construction process.

Measured Building Survey to As-built Drawings

Brighton Measured Survey produces accurate and hyper-detailed as-built floor plans, cross-sections, and elevations from measured building survey. Using advanced 3D laser scanning equipment and software, we deliver a measured building survey (as-built survey), which is an accurate digital representation of existing buildings and structures. The survey data is translated and delivered in the form of as-built 2D drawings with the help of AutoCAD software.

Types of As-built Drawings:

  • Floor plans
  • Internal and external elevations
  • Sections
  • Site plans
  • Roof plans
  • Reflecting ceiling plans

Why are As-built Drawings Important in Construction and Architecture?

  • New construction: When constructing a new building that previously existed only on paper, contractors normally face numerous challenges and thus must adapt their building plans in response. The as-built drawings record all these changes as they happen during construction so that an accurate drawing exists upon completion of a building construction.
  • Renovation projects: Before commencing a renovation project, it is important to have a detailed understanding of the building as it currently exists. Working with up-to-date drawings is, therefore, crucial for a safe and efficient renovation.
  • Document every step of the way: As indicated earlier, a design necessarily undergoes changes, sometimes quite substantially, due to various other factors even after the final drawings are prepared and construction starts. This makes the documentation of the as-built drawings a necessity.
  • Maintenance: Updates and modifications will be made over the life of a building construction. The construction staff of a building will be updating the drawings to represent improvements to the structure, ensuring that the correct drawing of the building is available at all times.

A full collection of as-built drawings is crucial for both building owners and clients. These drawings contain records of all installations, making them very useful in case the owner needs to troubleshoot issues, or would like to change the building in the future.

Why Trust a Measured Building Survey to deliver As-built Drawings?

Contractors benefit from as-built drawings because they have a detailed record of improvements made during the construction process and make it easier to visualise the next steps. This makes it much easier to spot complications caused by the changes and solve them before they become a problem. You need accurate and reliable data! A measured building survey company in Brighton will ensure detailed 2D drawings in your required format and level of detail, i.e., DWG or PDF.

Our years of experience and expertise enable us to provide you with quality results when completing floor plans, site plans, roof plans, cross-sections, internal and external elevations.

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