Scan to Point Cloud Service in Brighton

Scan to Point Cloud

3D point cloud data is the ideal base for precise and faultless as-built 2D drawings and 3D BIM Modelling. Our laser scanners record every detail with up to 1 million 3D point captures per second. Enquire about our point cloud data with the required level of detail.

Why Hire Us?

Flawless Product

Our 3D point cloud is the excellent product of a survey with the use of 3D laser scanners. This may be accessed in your requested format, including Webshare Cloud.

Reliable Technology

Our reliable equipment works with the rotation of the scanner head, collecting single point cloud. Point cloud is build of millions of measured points, which contain a great level of information.

Export Various Formats

Our professional team exports to various formats, when producing accurate 2D drawings and 3D BIM Models. This includes FLS, E57, LAS, PTS, PTX, RCP and much more.

Extraordinary Data

We process and register measured surveyed scans using AutoCAD software. With the option of choosing LOD3 or LOD4, we guarantee an extraordinary collection of information and data.

Brighton Registering 3D Point Cloud

3D point cloud consists of millions of surveyed points, creating a photorealistic single file. Each point cloud contains information on the position of the scan, and optionally colour information when requested. Receive your Point Cloud data in LOD3 or LOD4 with your requested format.

Our Process vs Traditional Methods

3D laser scanning allows the field for higher accuracy and more reliable results than traditional surveys. Using a 3D laser scanning company, you rely on dependable and trustworthy equipment such as 3D laser scanners and Total station to achieve a high-quality outcome.


Receive you Scan to Point Cloud

Our surveyors will process your point cloud from a measured building survey and provide you with acute results through attentive services.