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    • Measured Building Survey Measured Surveys using 3D laser scanner
    • Scan to Point Cloud Export 3D Point Cloud data
    • 2D Planning and CAD Detailed elevation, section and floor plans
    • 3D BIM Model Optimised 3D BIM Models through Revit


      ABOUT US

      We are 3D Laser Scanning and Measured Building Surveys Specialists

      Brighton Measured Survey comprises experienced professionals of the 3D laser scanning area, specialising in measured building surveys, registering 3D point cloud data, producing as-built 2D drawings and building 3D BIM Models through trusted software and technology.

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      Rest assured we offer complete services to all projects requirements, no matter the limitations, scale, size and complexity. Our priority is to complete 3D point cloud, as-built 2D drawings and 3D BIM Models to all measured building surveys, and offer topographical surveys drone surveys and large scale scanning.


      Suppose you are an architect, designer, engineer, facilities manager or a property manager. Our 3D laser scanning services are ideal for getting your projects off the road and into action with our surveys and deliverables. Receive guaranteed reliable and detailed planning for your project or clients.


      Our experienced team offers you a personalised free quote when we receive your enquiry and information. We schedule the best availability for your measured survey as soon as the next day and complete your scanning to produce as-built 2D drawings and 3D BIM models.

      Advanced Software

      As a 3D laser scanning company, we use advanced software and high-standard technology to complete your projects with our turnkey services. Using well-known brands such as FARO technology and Autodesk, we guarantee reliable and secure deliverables to complete your project’s planning.


      3D Laser Scanning Benefits in Brighton

      All of our services are created with ultimate precision in measurements, features and data. Experience realistic deliverables through high-end technology and software.

      Brighton Measured Surveys offers affordable ad competitive prices form measured surveys to as-built 2D drawings and 3D BIM Models.

      Our surveyors and technicians are highly experienced in every aspect of 3D laser scanning and its field. With our expert opinion, we offer complete solutions to achieve the best out of your project.

      Brighton Measured Survey makes it simple and easy to achieve successful results when working on your building projects.


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      3D Laser Scanning Services in Brighton

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