Topographical Survey Services

Land & Topographical Surveys

Brighton Measured Survey produces scaled survey drawings from topographical surveys. Topographical or land surveys indicate all-natural, and manmade features with levels from the client’s area. Find all features including land features, property and physical boundary details for your site project.

Why Hire Us?

Advanced Technology

For our topographical survey services, we used Total Station, 3D laser scanners or GPS. Our instrument choice is determined on the level of visibility of the terrain’s features.

Cost-effective Service

Obtain the most cost-effective solution when realising site plans no matter the size and scale of your project. All information gathered from surveying is accurately displayed on scaled 2D drawings.

Request your Format

Our topographical surveys are supplied in 2D AutoCAD format for site plans, as well a 3D BIM Models using Revit software. Enquire about the required level of detail and you specified format.

Authentic Data

Examine your scaled survey drawings which include property, land features and physical boundary details. Our 3D laser scanning company uses the best tools to capture correct and detailed measurements.

Realistic Representation of complete area

With a topographical survey service, determine all features and boundary details of the interested site specified, through our selective high-quality tools and equipment. You may receive complete 3D Point Cloud and a scaled 2D drawing containing all-terrain features and land features.

What is the beneficial value of the service?

Topographical surveys extend the complexity of measured building surveys, by capturing a specified site with the details of properties, and it’s land surroundings. Use equipment such as Total Station, GPS and 3D laser scanners, and you have a cost-effective service which targets everything you need to know and document.


Site Surveys to Scaled Drawings

Receive your scaled surveyed drawings from our topographical services today in Brighton! Contact our team today!