Our measured building survey provides various types of as-built 2D Drawings, including:

    • Floor plans
    • Internal and External elevations
    • Sections
    • Site plans
    • Roof plans
    • Reflecting ceiling plans

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      Experienced measured building surveyors

      Brighton Measured Survey is the leading 3D laser scanning company providing measured buildings survey services using the latest laser scanning technology. Our specialists use RTC Leica scanners and FARO S70 3D laser scanners to conduct the full scan of the required site or building. We capture accurate data to produce 3D point cloud, as-built 2D drawings, 3D BIM models and more. Initiate the planning, refurbishment or development of your project.

      Receive swift and flexible services through experienced measured surveyors. Our high-quality measured building surveys leave no room for human error, producing accurate results with precise point cloud data.

      Conducting Measured Building Survey

      As-built 2D Drawing Elevation

      Our measured building survey techniques

      The measured building survey collects precise measurements and data of an existing building or structure, creating an accurate digital representation using 3D laser scanning equipment and software.

      The data collected from the survey is exported to AutoCAD or Revit software, depending on your required level of detail and format.
      The results are provided to architects, engineers, contractors, and other professionals involved in building or construction projects to plan, redesign, or remodel a building or structure.

      Measured building surveys for different types of properties

      We conduct various measured building surveys tailored to different types of properties. Our range of services includes:

      • Residential properties: We conduct surveys that precisely determine the floor area, room dimensions, and ceiling heights of residential buildings. Additionally, we identify any structural problems and potential opportunities for renovation.
      • Commercial spaces: Our surveys provide detailed information on large-scale commercial spaces, pinpoint potential structural issues, and offer valuable data to renovate large-scale buildings.
      • Historical buildings: Our surveys identify the conditions of the structure, highlight historical features and architectural details and provide essential data for restoration projects.
      • Industrial properties: Evaluate the space available for machinery or storage, and ensure the security of the structure. Receive valuable data for expansion projects and maximise its potential.
      • Educational institutions: Our surveys assess the available space for classrooms, laboratories, and other facilities in educational buildings. Identify potential structural problems and safety concerns, receiving data for future construction or renovation projects.

      3D laser scanning survey

      Our 3D laser scanning equipment

      3D laser scanning is a non-invasive, precise and cost-effective method of data collection that enhances visualisation and reduces the risk of inaccuracies among project stakeholders. With their advanced capacity and accuracy, our 3D laser scanners capture extensive data with the required level of detail, providing highly accurate depictions of scanned objects no matter the scale or complexity. 3D laser scanning has become the number one tool for professionals, and our measured survey company is dedicated to providing top-quality services to help you achieve your project goals.

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      Why Hire us?

        • Non-invasive Equipment

      Our team utilises reputable technology and equipment when scanning any building. Our non-invasive technology has the ability to survey in zero-limited and light conditions.

        • High-level of Detail

      Our scanner captures everything visible within 70 metres with an accuracy of +1/-1mm. It captures the actual condition of the building to the finest detail.

        • Complete Solution

      Measured Building Surveys are an essential requirement when it comes to planning a building project. We guarantee an accurate service from start to finish attentively.

        • Decreased Field Time

      Measured scanning is completed as quickly as 2 hours. Surveying delivers quick resolutions when finalising planning for building and construction projects.